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  • About Ben Saoud stores

    Dear visitor,

    welcome to our website . As you will discover while you go through , that we are a well established firm founded on 1941 . Our main field of activity is the import ,distribute and sale of watches and gift items where we have the experience needed for this trade.

    We are proud to represent some of the very well known high quality Swiss brands , to name just few: Omega , Corum, Tissot, Tag heuer , and many others. So , whether you are a connoisseur watch collector looking for an exclusive item to add to your collection, or a dynamic active person who fancy a sporty chronograph watch, or thinking of giving something special to the person you love on a special occasion , just visit one of our show rooms and our sales personnel will gladly offer you a wide selection of finely made Swiss watches that will definitely satisfy your taste.

    Thank you for your visit .

  • Ben Saoud Stores History

    In his small home-town Derna, the ambitious young Salhin Ben Saoud opened his first Shop for selling and repairing watches ,after he learned and mastered this profession, which he loved since he was a child, watching the Grandfather Clocks and wondering how they work.


    Salhin Ben Saoud and his close friend Mohamed Sheikh, decided to establish a trade company called BEN SAOUD & SHEIKH CO. for the import and sale of Watches , Clocks and Gift items.
    1952 New branch opened in Benghazi, the second largest city in the country.


    The opening of a new shop in Tobruk, an important sea-port city in the East.
    The company became the official Agent for ROLEX watches in the Eastern side of Libya.  


    To follow its expansion and growth, the Company moved its Head-Office to Benghazi.


    Tripoli, the political and economical capital was the next stop for Ben Saoud & Sheikh where on Christmas Eve of they opened their fourth branch at the main shopping street :the 24 December st.


    New Show-room opened in Benghazi


    A second show-room opened in Tripoli. In the same year the company had all their show-rooms identically renovated and maintained a unified look.


    The Company became the official agent for Rolex and Omega watches in all Libya.
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    Tripoli Gold center Aljaraba St.


    +218 21 3631938

    City center Kuwait St


    +218 21 4444270

    Yamama shopping center


    +218 21 4833691

    24 December St. No.185 Tripoli


    +218 21 7191454

    Tripoli Tower


    +218 21 3351411


    Derna Shopping center


    +218 92 5471424

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    Dubai gold center


    +218 92 5122642

    Omar Almokhtar St.


    +218 61 9094673

    Fwihat west


    +218 61 2240699

    Dubai St.


    +218 61 2236445

  • Ben Saoud Stores History


    New Show-room was opened at Benghazi Gold Center on the 6th of December.


    New Show-room was opened at Tripoli, Gergaresh Road, Near Al-Andalous Post Office and Bin Fadl Mosque.

    2017 New Ben Saoud Branch was opened on Ben Ashour St. Tripoli.  
  • Ben Saoud Stores History

    1971 Knowing the importance of After-sales Services , the company opened two well equipped service centers ,one in Tripoli and one in Benghazi.
    1973 By March this year the company became the first and leading name in the watch trade in the country representing and acting as exclusive agents for some of the well known Swiss watches such as : Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Cartier, Tissot, Felca&Titoni, Technos, Zodiac, beside a handful of other French brands and writing instruments such as Parker pens. This year also witnessed the Bold and crucial decision of the two partners to terminate their artnership in a friendly way , when they agreed to redistribute the brands they represent and the branches keeping good cooperation in the retail business .
    1974 Now a family owned establishement, Salhin Ben Saoud and his sons decided to resume their activity under the name Ben Saoud Stores.  
    1975 Another achievement was added when a new show-room was opened in Benghazi.  
    1981 The Government nationalized all private business, and replaced by State owned companies.  
    1988 The Ben Saoud resumed their activity in the only store restored from the state company in Tripoli on December of that year .  
    1991 Derna show-room was restored from the state company.  
    1995 A second show-room was opened in Tripoli in a new elegant shopping mall called Yamama Shopping Center.  
    2000 The opening of a new show-room in Benghazi on April.  
    2002 On July of this year Ben Saoud corner-shop was opened in Harroun shopping, one of the few new shopping centers opened lately in Tripoli.  
    2004 This year witnessed the opening of two new showrooms. The first was on the 29th of May in the Alfwaihat-west - Benghazi. Thesecond was on the 5th of October in Tripoli tower, one of the most prestigious office and shopping buildings in Tripoli.  
    2006 Opening of two branches , one at Tripoli Gold center on the 5th of May , the second at Omar Mukhtar St. on the 6th of June.  
    2007 New Show-room opened in Derna at Derna shopping center on the 30th. of June.  
    2008 Ben Saoud Swiss Corner was opened on the 11th of March at 24 December St. Tripoli .  
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